Getting Your RV Ready for Summer

The snow is gone, the sun is out and Memorial Day is now behind us. All of which means one thing: summer is here! If your summer plans include a awesome road trip in your coach (and we certainly hope it does), it also means getting your RV ready to hit the road, especially if it’s been in storage for an extended period of time.

Beyond simply pulling the cover off giving it a good spring cleaning, here’s a list of 10 important steps to take to make sure your rig is road-ready and in tip-top shape as you hit the open road.

  • Remove covers from tires and inspect for damage; weigh your coach to ensure correct tire pressure
  • Check for vital fluid levels: engine oil, coolant (reservoir AND radiator), transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid
  • Check belts, engine fan, hoses and wiring for damage
  • Lubricate chassis, drive train and exhaust brake cylinder; check rear axle lubricant level
  • Check engine compartment for any animals that may have nestled up during the winter
  • Check the charge level of the battery, and clean cable ends. If they do need to be removed, always connect the positive cable before the negative cable, and coat terminals with a protective die-electric spray
  • Turn the ignition to the run position, and verify the fuel gauge and voltmeter are operating properly
  • Run the engine until it is warm, and check exterior lights, leaks and moisture build-up in drain air tanks (*Please note: If your coach has ATD or SCR that uses DEF, do not allow your coach to idle until it warms up. Instead, follow your manufacturer’s instructions.)
  • Take your coach for a five-minute test spin and check for anything suspicious
  • Run generator during test drive for generator operation

That’s it. With these 10 steps successfully completed, your RV is ready for its summer road trip. The next step? Get out on the open road and enjoy some summer sun. Happy trails!


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