RVing With Pets

Any time you are planning a trip there can be a lot to cover. Sometimes it can even seem a little overwhelming. Did I pack enough food for everybody? Did I bring everything we’ll need when we get there? The mental check-list goes on and on making sure everyone has what they need. An important part of the family not to be left out though are our pets. Taking them on vacation with you can be some of the most memorable times you’ll have together. Today we’ll talk about making sure they’re taken care of too.

1. Bring Something for Each One

Pets are similar to people in so many ways. One of the many is that feeling of being unique. The book your son brought and loves may not be as enjoyable to your daughter. Animals can be the same way. I know in our house Moka the cute Bulldog has her own toys. And while I don’t mind sharing, she definitely does. That’s why when we bring the whole gang we make sure to pack their favorite toys too.

2. BACON! Or at Least Treats

It’s important to show our four legged friends love. Especially if they’ve been good. Moka has the sharpest bark I may have ever heard. Anytime I’m in an enclosed space with her for any length of time and she’s been a good girl, she gets a treat. She can’t help it, she’s just excited for the trip. At the same time she knows that I’m good for some beggin strips if she can calm her little self. Thankfully her greed for those things usually wins out. The important thing is to reward them for good behavior.

3. A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Going on a trip is a perfect time to make sure your pet is current on all of the shots and vaccines they need. Also keep in mind where you’re going. A wooded area can be full of fleas and ticks and other parasites which can carry harmful diseases. Fortunately there are no shortage of products that can be applied to make sure that’s never a worry.

The most important thing is to be safe, have fun and take lots of pictures!


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