RV Tailgating Fun


Are you ready for some fun and football?! ‘Tis the season for packing up the old Rv and heading to your favorite team’s  tailgating party with friends and family. If you are looking for some fun games to play while you are waiting to head into the big game, we’ve got 2 of the hottest new tailgating games around.


Basket Pong
Basket Pong puts the newest twist on beer pong.  Brought to you by Xtreme Pong Sports, basket pong is similar to regular beer pong, except you are trying to hit various cups that are fastened to a basketball like backboard. You can purchase a kit for full court (2 sets of backboards) or half court (1 backboard), each with 8 slots to make your own patterns, or to increase or decrease difficulty.

The kit itself is lightweight, weighing only 12 lbs for a half court kit, and measures in at the same size as a briefcase or portfolio, making it easy to stow away and carry around in your RV.  The kits come with a backboard, post, 9 cup holder rings, and 4 ping pong balls.   Once erect, the “basket pong hoop” can stand up to 6 feet tall.  You can also purchase the over the door kit, perfect for dorm rooms.

Visit http://www.basketpong.com today to purchase your kit and get ready to challenge your friends or family to a fun game of Basket Pong!

Hockey Sauce Toss
The other newest craze in tailgating games is Sauce Toss.  The Original Sauce Toss game is played much like “corn hole” or “bags” for the hockey fanatic.  The object of the game is to toss your “puck” into the net to score a goal.  The first team to make it to 11 or 21 points is the winner.  You can play 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or solo to enhance your hockey skills.

Each kit comes with a net, 2-5 pucks, and synthetic ice board but you’ll need your own hockey stick.  Similar to Basket Pong, you can purchase full or half kits, and a fun water kit.  The Original Hockey sauce game comes with real pucks, the party kit comes with plastic pucks perfect for playing in large crowds such as tailgating, and water kit that floats on water for a fun filled pool party.

Hockey Sauce Toss is sure to turn heads and have people wanting to join in!  Visit http://www.hockeysaucekit.com to purchase your kit today.

All Seasons RV Center

Heading out to the big game? Stop by All Seasons RV Center to pick up your last minute Rv tailgating supplies.


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