Best Vehicles for Towing your RV

Trailer-TowingTowing an RV can wreak havoc on your gas tank and your bank account. When choosing an RV you have to keep in mind how much weight your vehicle can handle, the distances you will be traveling, and the overall maneuvering you will have to accomplish with your current vehicle.

Larger fifth wheels and travel trailers are going to require a vehicle with a big engine such as a large SUV or pick up truck to be able to handle the weight.

Dodge Durango SUV/Chevy Silverado 3500HD

One consumer said on that he traded in his 1500 diesel engine Dodge pick up for a 2500 diesel engine Dodge when his transmission started going out after pulling his 25 ft fifth wheel long distances. He recommends if you own a longer fifth wheel, to go with a 3500 Dodge/Chevy or a 350 Ford because you get a better turn radius as well as enough torque to pull your trailer.

If you are pulling a smaller travel trailer or pop up camper, a smaller SUV such as a crossover or 4wd Jeep, pick up, or larger 6 cylinder car should suffice. Although a larger vehicle will not run through as much gas on longer trips.

There are many factors to consider when buying an RV. Many people don’t think about the type of vehicle you have to be able to tow your unit. That’s why you rely on the staff at the dealership to remind you of these things. And the friendly staff at All Seasons RV Center in Yuba City, CA are here to help you choose wisely! So, stop on by and let us help you pick the RV that suits your needs!


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