Holiday Travel Tips

thanksgiving-clip-art-turkey-with-brown-hatThanksgiving is almost here and many of you will be traveling to spend the holiday with family and friends.  Traveling can be hectic during the holidays so make sure you and your RV are prepared. Here are a few holiday travel tips to make sure your travel plans go smoothly.

Prep your RV

The first and most important thing is to make sure your RV is ready for travel.  Fluids need to be topped off, tires checked, heating/cooling lines checked, and so on. If you know how to do all these things, Great! Otherwise visit an RV dealership near you for a full check up.

Plan your Route

Mapping out your driving route to your destination before you set out will make navigating easier on you and your co-pilot. If you have a GPS system, pre-load your destination into your GPS system before hand to avoid trying to enter it on the road.  Most navigation systems now come with automatic updates but you may want to check your GPS to ensure you have up-to-date maps to avoid any unwanted detours.  Phone navigation apps also have the ability to alert drivers of any road closures and detours due to construction.

Leave Early

No one wants to show up late for Thanksgiving dinner.  If you have the ability to leave early for your holiday travel, do so.  There are many factors that can cause delays in your travel plans, such as weather, construction, and any additional stops that can slow you down, such as getting a flat tire.  Any RV or vehicle maintenance issues can hinder your plans by an hour, up to 24 hours or more depending on the severity of the issue.  GPS systems and smart phone apps are wonderful at using your location to find nearby garages that can hopefully resolve any issues quickly and get you back on the road.

Research Campgrounds

If your travel plans involve staying overnight, research campgrounds along your route.  Make sure they have the right type of hookups you’ll need for your RV and any amenities that are necessary for you and your family.  The website lets you take a first-hand look at campsites through videos and pictures that users have uploaded to the website.  Campers review these campgrounds and post pictures for all to see so you know what to expect before you book.

Traveling with Kids

Road trips with kids can be exhausting and traveling with them can bring new obstacles. Pack games and books and movies that will keep the kids occupied in between stops, and research unique and interesting spots close to your route that will keep the nagging phrase “Are we there yet?” at bay.  The good thing about traveling in an RV is that there is more room for kids to move about while on the road. Playing games such as the license plate game gets the whole family involved and will pass the time quickly.

Holiday travel can be stressful, so whether you are traveling just a couple hours or traveling a couple days, make sure you plan ahead for your RV road trips this holiday season.


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