RV Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Gift Cards: Gift Cards are simply the perfect item for the minimalist RVer. Most RVers are pretty picky about what they want in their rigs and this gives them the opportunity to chose exactly what they want, when they want it…and not an excess item more. Whether it be Amazon,Walmart, Target, Camping World, Kindle, Pre-Paid Fuel Cards, or any other store your heart desires you really cannot go wrong with this approach.

2. Cool & Useful Tools: No RV ever has the complete compliment of tools and there are several super-useful and inexpensive ones which every RVer will love:

  •  Thermal Gun – For checking RV tire temps, food temps, ground temps or even your forehead. There are at least 101 uses for this thing in an RV and you can get a decent one such as this basic one for $25 or slightly fancier one for $50.
  • Compact Flashlight – Everyone can use a super-mini flashlight especially when you’ve dropped your favorite do-diddy for the 20th time into an RV black hole (yes, RVs have many of these). And you can always use more than one. You can buy a cheap Mini Creed for $6 or a snazzy Protac one for $40. Or go mobile trendy and get one for your head.

3. Pet Stuff: An RVer with pets will always appreciate the gesture of something for their special furry family. Send your doggie-pal a natural rawhide chips or meaty bag of treats or buy your kitty-lover this techno-cool and very compact thermal mat. And who doesn’t appreciate a little extra help to pick-up pet hair?

4. Really, Really Good Maps: Yes, the actual paper thingies. Any RVer worth his salt will love getting a good quality paper map. Anyone who’s been on the road any length of time knows you can’t always trust your GPS and there are many interesting and unusual places your software simply won’t be able to take you. They come out with new map versions each year and the upgrade is always welcome. For overall planning we really like the Rand McNally spiral-bound jobs, but for boondocking, finding BLM land boundaries and detailed work the Benchmark Map series are simply the best.


5. Stuff Made By Other RVers!! How much cooler does gift-giving get than sending an RVer something made by another RVer?


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