A Brief History of Route 66

All Seasons RV is a proud member of the ROUTE 66 RV Network, the largest network of independent RV dealers in North America. But not too many people know the real history of America’s Mother Road. Time magazine offers a great summary here: 

For nearly six decades, a two-lane road, running 2,448 miles, connected Chicago to Los Angeles. It was the path to Western promise for “Okies” escaping the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, the road under the soles of American nomads like Jack Kerouac. Route 66 was once considered an essential artery, its travelers a measure of America’s pulse. But by the mid-1980s, the road was deemed obsolete.

 Twenty-five years ago on June 27, Route 66 was decommissioned. But even as the no-tell motels and mom-and-pop shops along the road disappeared, the fables of America’s “Mother Road” continued to ramble on.

In the 1920s, federal highway officials, faced with growing automobile ownership (registered motor vehicles grew from 500,000 in 1910 to almost 10 million in 1920) and the impracticality of disjointed, named trails, began to develop a numbered road system. Oklahoma real estate agent and coal company owner Cyrus Avery worked with John Woodruff, a highway proponent, to advocate a diagonal roadway running from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

As an Oklahoman, Avery, who was also largely responsible for getting America’s Main Street its name, lobbied for the route because it would redirect traffic from Kansas City, Mo., and Denver and boost the state’s prosperity. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) initially named the road Route 60 and then Route 62. 

Avery “strenuously objected” to the switch, even penning a letter to AASHTO executive secretary William Markham saying, “You are making a joke of the interstate highway.” On April 30, 1926, the route was renamed. Avery became known as the “Father of Route 66,” with Springfield, Mo., its birthplace.


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At All Seasons RV Center, we love getting any kind of feedback from customers. If you want to share your positive experience or provide suggestions on how to improve for the future; we want to hear it.

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Advantages of Financing Through a RV Lending Specialist

  • Down payments are lower – Although final terms are determined based on your credit profile and the age, type and cost of the RV being purchased, financing through RV lenders usually requires down payments in the 10% range.
  • Finance terms are longer / Monthly payments are lower – Because RV finance specialists know that RVs maintain their value and resale appeal, they tend to offer more attractive terms. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find 15-20 year repayment schedules to help you afford the RV of your dreams.

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The 2015 Jay Series Sport delivers all the comforts of a pop-up camper at a price you can afford. Boasting 1,050-lb. rated bunk ends and convertible dinettes, you can forget sleeping on the ground.

Pacific Coachworks Floorplans

Pacific Coachworks

Tango Travel Trailer

Tango Travel Trailer

RV industry veterans Tom Powell and Dane Found began Pacific Coachworks in July 2006 with a philosophy of excellence in construction and design. Their original designs combine classic and new floorplans for the Tango travel trailers and fifth wheels. Tango models have received high praise from government inspectors and industry insiders thereby establishing Pacific Coachworks as an emerging leader in the field. View Floorplans

Econ Travel Trailer

Econ Travel Trailer

These lightweight units are rolling out with dry weights ranging from 1,990 pounds to 2,745 pounds. You’ll enjoy traveling the roads to adventure in any of these Econ models.  All sleep 3-5 individuals comfortably and provide the necessary amenities for time away from home as you enjoy your favorite camping spots and off road destinations. View Floorplans

Sandsport Toy Hauler

Sandsport Toy HaulerFeaturing an all aluminum frame sidewall construction that’s 102″ wide with I-beam chassis and full welded “Z” frame outriggers.  Each unit has an easy loading and unloading rear ramp door, heavy duty stabilizer jacks, pressure washer to make clean-up a breeze before heading home, and cool 3M long lasting exterior graphics.

On the inside you will find plenty of space to relax and reminisce about the day while planning for the next fun ride.  Plus there is plenty of storage both inside and out.  You also won’t have trouble taking along a few extra friends since each model has rear dual power beds for plenty of sleeping.  You will also find a complete kitchen and bath set-up for making play time on the road quite comfortable and easy. View Floorplans

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Customer Feedback

At All Seasons RV Center, we love getting any kind of feedback from customers. If you want to share your positive experience or provide suggestions on how to improve for the future; we want to hear it.

Tell us about your experience or review what others are saying about All Seasons RV Center in our Customer Testimonials page.


Which RV is the Best Fit for You?


Determining which type of RV will suit your needs best can seem impossible. With so many RVs on the market, ranging from pop-up campers to high-end Class A motorhomes, choosing from such a large number of models can be daunting. These simple tips will help you discover which type of RV is perfect for you, so you can narrow down your options and start living your dream RV lifestyle.

Determine Your RV Use

The first step to choosing an RV is to determine which type of traveling you’d like to do. Are you seeking an RV for weekend family getaways or an RV that will replace your brick-and-mortar home? Do you want to move from one destination to another or stay put for months at a time? Typically, smaller, more budget-friendly RVs can be suitable for recreational weekend campers, while those who want to spend more time on the road should seek RVs with more durability and amenities.

Motorhomes are more ideal for travelers who like to stop in multiple places. Because they don’t take a lot of time to set up and prepare for departure (unlike fifth wheels and travel trailers), it’s easy to hop from one destination to another.

Consider Your Tow Vehicle

Many first-time RV enthusiasts forget that they may need to upgrade their tow vehicle to a more powerful model to tow a large travel trailer or fifth wheel. This can add a considerable amount of cost to upgrading your RV lifestyle and should always be considered. However, these more spacious RVs also offer more amenities, such as full bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, more seating space and quality sleeping areas.

Let Us Help

Here at All Seasons RV Center, we are experts on helping you find an RV that’s ideal for your travel needs. We’ll work within your budget to help you start the RV lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about for years.