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“Just wanted to say thank you for all of your work getting us a great RV! Your service center staff were really helpful also. We went straight to Almanor and spent 2 nights. Everything seems to be working fine and I really love the floor-plan! Hopefully we’ll get a little more “RV” time in before the end of the season. We will keep in touch. Thank you again!”

“We purchased a 2006 Fleetwood Prowler, 27′ and anytime we had to have any repairs on it we bring it to your service department. Service is outstanding!”


Motorhome Maintenance


So you went out and got yourself a fancy motorhome. These RVs are an awesome choice for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about hitching up and towing a trailer and for RVers who simply want the convenience of hopping in the RV and heading out for adventure. Unlike towables, there’s a little more maintenance that goes into a motorhome than what goes into a trailer. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your motorhome.

Change Your Oil Regularly | It might seem obvious, but we once knew someone who let their oil go 18,000 miles OVER. Yeah, not a smart move. Change your oil regularly, following exactly what the owner’s manual says to. If you know you’re going to end up going over on your mileage while traveling, just change your oil before you head out. And, while you’re at it, make sure you check your oil and top it off if necessary before you depart for your next trip.

Check Fluids | Make sure you change your transmission fluid once a year. Additionally, ensure your coolant is up to par and the cooling system is flushed and cleaned on a yearly basis. Every three months check your fuel filter to ensure it is still viable. A quality fuel filter can help save on fuel costs and fuel efficiency.

Brakes | Have these checked anytime you’re getting the oil changed. A professional mechanic will be able to tell how your brakes are wearing, estimate when they might need to be changed, and alert you of any issues that might impact them. Your brakes are incredibly important because you don’t have a tow vehicle to stop. Keep up with them and you’ll be keeping your family safe and happy.

Body | Check your rig’s exterior to make sure it’s free of any corrosion, rust, or damage that could turn into something bigger in the future. After you vacation in dusty or salty air make sure you rinse off your RV with fresh water.

If you’re still in the market for a motorhome be sure to check out our selection of motorhomes for sale in Yuba City. View our selection online or contact us with questions.



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Call Paul Davis, Service Manager, for more details at 530-671-9070 or email Paul at paul@allseasonsrvcenter.com


RV Maintenance

As every RV owner knows, there can be bumps along any road. In order to prevent issues while on vacation, the best plan is to perform regular maintenance checks at home. Here are some quick maintenance tips to keep your RV in the best condition for making great memories.

Coming home from vacation can be bittersweet. Although you have missed your home, the thought of unpacking and cleaning your RV can be daunting. I recommend waiting until you’re fully rested and doing a full inventory and cleaning of the inside and outside of your RV. Not only is this a good time to check for leaks while washing the exterior you can also check that your drains are clean, tanks have been flushed and there is no stagnant water.

Inventory Electrical Components
Maybe on your last trip you noticed your cell phone wouldn’t charge from an outlet or someone left a light in the bathroom on that burned out. Check the following both while on batteries and plugged into electricity remember, don’t just plug into any outlet that fits your electrical plug in; check ratings before connecting:

-Electric outlets
-Light bulbs
-House battery life
-Fuse Panel

Security is rarely something that crosses our mind until we already need it. Be sure to check compartment storage, tow vehicle compartments, entrance doors, and windows for tight seals, locking closures, and any broken or rusting hinges.

If you already own an RV, you know how important tire maintenance can be. A flat means a trip to the side of the road to replace with a spare or calling a tow truck. This can be a huge hassle when you had planned on having fun. When your RV is in storage make sure to use tire covers to prevent weathering and if possible use a jack to put the RV on blocks to remove unnecessary pressure from the tires. Moving your RV at least once every six months to redistribute weight on the storage side of the tire is also recommended.

All Seasons RV Center – We sell RV’s but we are also passionate about helping you experience a better way to vacation with your family. Want more information on RV travel? Contact us.

Summer Service Specials at All Seasons RV Center

July 1st thru September 30th

– First In Service – Second to None – 



$54.50 Parts Extra

  • Clean Condenser Coils
  • Lube & Inspect Fan Motor
  • Wash or Replace Filters
  • Compressor Performance Test


$54.50 Parts Extra

  • Includes Oil & Filter Change
  • Inspect Air Filter
  • Inspect Fuel & Exhaust Systems
  • Run Adjust & Check Load Output


$54.50 Parts Extra

  • Includes Clean Condenser Coils
  • Inspect & System Performance



  • Includes Belt & Hose Inspection
  • Fan’s Operation
  • Coolant Flush & Fill (up to 2 gallons coolant)
  • Radiator Cap Function Test



  • Includes Pad & Rotor/Drum Inspection
  • Front Grease Seal Inspection
  • Replace Front Pads (Grease-2 axles – Parts Extra)
  • Replace Rear Pads/Shoes

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