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Maintenance Combination Packages

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  • SERVICE REFRIGERATOR (Includes Clean & Test
  • SERVICE WATER HEATER (Includes Clean & Test
  • SERVICE FURNACE (Includes Clean & Test)
  • SERVICE ROOF AIR CONDITIONER (Includes Replacement Filter)
  • SERVICE BATTERY (Includes Fill Charge & Test) 





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“We purchased a 2006 Fleetwood Prowler, 27′ and anytime we had to have any repairs on it we bring it to your service department. Service is outstanding!”


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RV’s Get in on the Food Truck Craze


Have you ever been driving or walking down the street and you come upon a food truck serving up some of their delicious, one-of-a-kind specialties to the locals? In the big cities, you can find food truck almost on every corner during the lunch and dinner rush. Why? Because it’s a quick and convenient way to grab a bite to eat and sometimes they serve up delicacies that you can’t get anywhere else. You can also find RV’s being used as food trucks at many amusement parks, festivals and carnivals.

It’s also an opportunity for small businesses to get their product out to the public without the hassle and expense of actually owning a restaurant. And what better venue to serve their food from than an RV turned food truck. Here’s why RV’s make the best food trucks.

  • They are affordable – Depending on the type and style of RV that will suit the needs of the food truck company, most RV’s will come in at a fraction of the cost of actually purchasing, renovating and running a sit down restaurant. They save a lot of money on operating costs and don’t have to worry about the many, many permits that most restaurants have to obtain in order to do business (although they do need some).
  • Different sizes and styles to suit their needs – The types of RV’s that are most popular skilletfor food trucks are the travel trailers, camper van’s, and toy haulers because they can be converted the easiest rather than some of the bigger luxury RV’s. Although, there are some food trucks that utilize the entire space of those luxury RV’s. The food trucks typically have a window or two depending on the length of the truck, and a kitchen equipped with all the cooking appliances they need to properly prepare, cook, and store the food that they serve.

Here are a few examples:

  • They come equipped with built in kitchens (bigger RV’s) – Every great cook needs a great kitchen, or at least one that will suffice. The beauty of utilizing an RV for a food truck is they already have the hookups for kitchen appliances ready to go. All the owners have to do is purchase the equipment. Some RV/ food truck companies will even customize the layout of their food truck based on their needs.
  • Easy to transport (can go to where the customers are) – Food to go! The best part about using an RV as a food truck is you can transport it anywhere so the owners can serve up their delicious dishes and participate in the numerous fairs and festivals around the country. The more exposure they receive the better business they do and can provide for their patrons.

So, this summer while you are out hitting up the different festivals in your area, be on the look out for those RV’s turned food truck. Be adventurous and try something new. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite dish 🙂

Motorhome Maintenance


So you went out and got yourself a fancy motorhome. These RVs are an awesome choice for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about hitching up and towing a trailer and for RVers who simply want the convenience of hopping in the RV and heading out for adventure. Unlike towables, there’s a little more maintenance that goes into a motorhome than what goes into a trailer. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your motorhome.

Change Your Oil Regularly | It might seem obvious, but we once knew someone who let their oil go 18,000 miles OVER. Yeah, not a smart move. Change your oil regularly, following exactly what the owner’s manual says to. If you know you’re going to end up going over on your mileage while traveling, just change your oil before you head out. And, while you’re at it, make sure you check your oil and top it off if necessary before you depart for your next trip.

Check Fluids | Make sure you change your transmission fluid once a year. Additionally, ensure your coolant is up to par and the cooling system is flushed and cleaned on a yearly basis. Every three months check your fuel filter to ensure it is still viable. A quality fuel filter can help save on fuel costs and fuel efficiency.

Brakes | Have these checked anytime you’re getting the oil changed. A professional mechanic will be able to tell how your brakes are wearing, estimate when they might need to be changed, and alert you of any issues that might impact them. Your brakes are incredibly important because you don’t have a tow vehicle to stop. Keep up with them and you’ll be keeping your family safe and happy.

Body | Check your rig’s exterior to make sure it’s free of any corrosion, rust, or damage that could turn into something bigger in the future. After you vacation in dusty or salty air make sure you rinse off your RV with fresh water.

If you’re still in the market for a motorhome be sure to check out our selection of motorhomes for sale in Yuba City. View our selection online or contact us with questions.

RVing With Pets

Any time you are planning a trip there can be a lot to cover. Sometimes it can even seem a little overwhelming. Did I pack enough food for everybody? Did I bring everything we’ll need when we get there? The mental check-list goes on and on making sure everyone has what they need. An important part of the family not to be left out though are our pets. Taking them on vacation with you can be some of the most memorable times you’ll have together. Today we’ll talk about making sure they’re taken care of too.

1. Bring Something for Each One

Pets are similar to people in so many ways. One of the many is that feeling of being unique. The book your son brought and loves may not be as enjoyable to your daughter. Animals can be the same way. I know in our house Moka the cute Bulldog has her own toys. And while I don’t mind sharing, she definitely does. That’s why when we bring the whole gang we make sure to pack their favorite toys too.

2. BACON! Or at Least Treats

It’s important to show our four legged friends love. Especially if they’ve been good. Moka has the sharpest bark I may have ever heard. Anytime I’m in an enclosed space with her for any length of time and she’s been a good girl, she gets a treat. She can’t help it, she’s just excited for the trip. At the same time she knows that I’m good for some beggin strips if she can calm her little self. Thankfully her greed for those things usually wins out. The important thing is to reward them for good behavior.

3. A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Going on a trip is a perfect time to make sure your pet is current on all of the shots and vaccines they need. Also keep in mind where you’re going. A wooded area can be full of fleas and ticks and other parasites which can carry harmful diseases. Fortunately there are no shortage of products that can be applied to make sure that’s never a worry.

The most important thing is to be safe, have fun and take lots of pictures!

Getting Your RV Ready for Summer

The snow is gone, the sun is out and Memorial Day is now behind us. All of which means one thing: summer is here! If your summer plans include a awesome road trip in your coach (and we certainly hope it does), it also means getting your RV ready to hit the road, especially if it’s been in storage for an extended period of time.

Beyond simply pulling the cover off giving it a good spring cleaning, here’s a list of 10 important steps to take to make sure your rig is road-ready and in tip-top shape as you hit the open road.

  • Remove covers from tires and inspect for damage; weigh your coach to ensure correct tire pressure
  • Check for vital fluid levels: engine oil, coolant (reservoir AND radiator), transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid
  • Check belts, engine fan, hoses and wiring for damage
  • Lubricate chassis, drive train and exhaust brake cylinder; check rear axle lubricant level
  • Check engine compartment for any animals that may have nestled up during the winter
  • Check the charge level of the battery, and clean cable ends. If they do need to be removed, always connect the positive cable before the negative cable, and coat terminals with a protective die-electric spray
  • Turn the ignition to the run position, and verify the fuel gauge and voltmeter are operating properly
  • Run the engine until it is warm, and check exterior lights, leaks and moisture build-up in drain air tanks (*Please note: If your coach has ATD or SCR that uses DEF, do not allow your coach to idle until it warms up. Instead, follow your manufacturer’s instructions.)
  • Take your coach for a five-minute test spin and check for anything suspicious
  • Run generator during test drive for generator operation

That’s it. With these 10 steps successfully completed, your RV is ready for its summer road trip. The next step? Get out on the open road and enjoy some summer sun. Happy trails!